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Duck Dynasty Devotion

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Okay. I finally joined millions of others and tuned in to watch Duck Dynasty. It only took me four years from its original A & E launch date. The “reality” show follows the Robertson family in their unlikely success story—which humbly began in a ramshackle shed where patriarch Phil Robertson carved duck callers. It eventually turned into a multi-million dollar business.

Like many reality shows, family and life conflicts become the storyline. What’s unique to Duck Dynasty is this family professes Christianity. Yet, A & E producers carefully scrub out as much Christianity as they can. Producers have even added “bleeps” at times when the Robertsons aren’t actually cursing. And even though the script shows the family praying at the end of every episode, the producers delete the words, “In Jesus’ name.”

A promotional poster shows the family posed in front of a large mansion with the tagline, Money. Family. Ducks. But according to Alan Robertson, the eldest son, who doesn’t appear on the show, the family crosses out the word “Money” and writes in the word, “Faith” when they give the posters away. In explaining the importance of their Christian faith, Willie, the 3rd son, declares, “Everything revolves around it: our marriages, our families, our business.”

Prior to finding success carving duck callers and starring on TV, founding father, Phil Robertson found Christ in the early 70’s and wanted to raise his sons in a Christian home. Now with the show’s tremendous success they’re taking this God-given opportunity to share their faith wherever they go.

Even Phil’s younger brother, Uncle Si, boasts that he won’t go anywhere without a gallon of iced tea, his beloved blue cup from his war days, and his Bible. Our nation could sure use more Christian reality stars. The one thing that A & E producers can never cut, delete, or bleep is the power of God working through his people. And it appears as though these Duck Dynasty stars are determined to shine brightly for Christ. It’s a battle to be sure. But I’m sure grim-faced Phil would declare, “Yep, it sure is and the battle belongs to the Lord.”

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