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9/28/12 at 08:35 AM 1 Comments

Election Depression: You Choose You Lose

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What’s election depression? It’s feeling that regardless who wins in November, we all will lose. Presidential elections are about bringing the right person at the right time to make the right changes. But our problems are no longer problems, they’re crises.

It also seems that campaign hostility has gone beyond the candidates. The anger and disappointment, the expectations and the failures are causing a bigger divide among us. No wonder we escape to our media distractions.

Consider our nation’s debt. We can’t keep borrowing. The government isn’t able to do all we expect it to do. Paying back 16 trillion in debt involves higher taxes and more cut backs. Then notice how minority issues cause major strife. We’ll never be able agree on the ideas to fix our nation until we can agree on the ideals we have for our nation. Our biggest ideal should be our freedom. No other nation has ever had as much freedom and privilege.

A cure for election depression is to stop thinking that everything’s wrong, and think about everything that’s right. Forty days from now we’ll need to support whoever wins and work to rebuild our nation. We’re Americans first, political parties second. You’ve heard the dire warnings about our nation. This is our chance to write its story. Each generation leaves a legacy. My prayer is that we make saving America our legacy.

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