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Final View

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A couple years ago my husband and I were interested in purchasing some property with an amazing view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was quiet and pristine.

With over fifty grassy acres, our salesman suggested we take the parcel near the crest of the bluff—no one would ever block our view.

My husband and I smiled at one another.

The friendly salesman pointed out the walkway that led to the beach far below and the benches placed along the bluff so folks could sit and enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Baker and the blue waters of the Strait.

After signing all the paperwork, we became the proud owners of two water view cemetery plots. Shaking hands, he encouraged us to come back and visit as often as we wanted—we had yet to do so.

Until this week, when a friend was laid to rest. At my friend’s gravesite, I listened to the words spoken about his life. He served his nation in Viet Nam and continued serving his family and community the rest of his life.

His journey had taken him all over the world, but his heart belonged to those he loved at home.

Death isn’t something we often think about, but life’s clock is ticking away.

Throughout our lives we make daily choices that impact our homes, work places, schools, and communities.

I heard about many of the choices my friend made over his years—and how his love for God helped him love and serve others.

Before I left the cemetery I walked over to where I will one day be. I looked out to the waters, beneath broken grey skies, and prayed that I could make the right kind of choices that will make a difference in the lives of others.

It’s a wonderful way to live, and as for my friend, a wonderful way to be remembered.

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