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2/23/17 at 01:52 PM 0 Comments

For the love of Flip Phones

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Okay, I am one of those die hard, hold outs, who clings to an ancient flip phone for my cell communications.

No, I cannot ask my phone questions, or view cute videos. Nor can I do my banking, emails, post selfies, or Facetime family and friends.

Yes, I am in the dark ages of digital communications.

Smartphone users have the latest and the greatest. Me, not so much. But I am happy on my lonely island. But Nokia just announced…..hold onto your ever loving smartphone…..they are reintroducing their dumb phone.

There are enough people who desire a phone with a battery life longer than a few hours. People are tired of broken screens and want to carry a virtually indestructible, compact phone. And then there’s this—the latest iPhone 8 is retailing for ONE GRAND.

I am sorry smartphone users, that must really hurt. The new Nokia is going to retail for under seventy bucks.

One person commented that they’ll have to pry his flip phone out of his dead fingers before switching.

I can relate. I’ve never been one to be early to the latest thing.

But it looks like more folks are coming back to the flip phone. Welcome. There’s room on my primitive island.

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