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Gender Bender TV for Kids

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Children are naturally attracted to cartoons and superheroes. Knowing the allure of this, the Hub network (co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro) is debuting the provocative children's show, SheZow, the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy.

Using his dead Aunt’s magic ring he transforms himself into a crime-fighting girl. All Guy needs to say are the magic words, “You go girl!” and he becomes a girl, the SheZow superhero.

This appears to be a not-so subtle indoctrination attempt by the gay, lesbian and transgender community—this time with impressionable children.

Hub also televises popular children’s shows like My Little Pony, Chuck and Friends, and Strawberry Shortcake.

These shows target children audiences, ages two to eleven. Appealing to children’s love of superheroes, Hub is now highlighting a transgender one. Is there any doubt how confusing this could be to children? Kids often mimic the superheroes they enjoy—they even dress up as their favorites. What’s the message? Someone changing genders can save the world? The world that needs saving is our own—and concerned parents and citizens need to take action.

This show debuts June 1st. One Million Moms has an email campaign to notify the network that this show must go. It has no place in a lineup of children’s programming. Please consider sending your email now. This is a sensitive issue and there are those struggling with gender identity issues. They can find support though Christian counseling—check for further information.

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