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11/18/13 at 10:50 PM 8 Comments

Getting Kids Ready for the Mark of the Beast?

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Here it is: Public School Palm-Scanning.

Thanks to the latest infrared technology that detects distinctive vein patterns in human palms, the Puyallup School District in Washington State plans on installing palm-scanning devices in all 32 of their schools.

With a wave of the student’s hand he or she can pay for lunches or extra curricular fees and charges. The school district officials boast that human error and fraud will be greatly reduced and the information gathered allows parents to know how much their children are spending at school.

When the school district needs to have parental permission to obtain student photographs, it seems quite a stretch to be scanning student veins without consent. Not to worry, officials claim—this isn’t a fingerprint or handprint. The devise merely connects the “activity of the vein” to a number in the system corresponding to the parent’s account for their child.

For those parents worried about the terms “vein recognition program” fear not, you can trust your local public school. After all, they already have your child’s social security number and address. But for those who want to opt out, they still can. As technology continues to advance, we must be wary of allowing too much acceptance in the name of security. One day there will be a system put in place to “mark” everyone, and then there won’t be a way to opt out.

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