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8/2/13 at 09:54 AM 9 Comments

God Bless the IRS

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God bless the IRS? Sounds weird, I know. But the IRS is peopled with working Americans—many are moms or dads. Some probably coach their kid’s teams and volunteer at their schools. They go to work, pay bills (and fill out tax forms just like the rest of us).

The IRS workers are not the problem—we are. It’s our government. It’s grown beyond its ability to manage itself. Just as when too many kids are crammed into one classroom with an overworked teacher—and students don’t do as well, our government suffers the same malady—too many programs and too little oversight to manage it all. Creating new programs and spending more money hasn’t helped—it just made the problem bigger.

Experts think we should allow the states to take over some of the federal duties. Makes sense. I have no clue what issues people are facing in rural Georgia—but I do know what we face in the rural parts of Washington State. Americans understand their own communities and most have some good ideas how to make needed improvements.

Americans suffer when we see our investment (read: taxes) being directed away from where the need is greatest. We don’t mind helping those who need help—we’re Americans. It’s the waste of resources that angers us.

Sure, the IRS is facing scrutiny—but like our nation as a whole, most IRS employees and millions of Americans are just hard-working citizens. We’re good people, raising families, paying our bills, and relying on elected officials to work on our behalf.

Herein lies the problem. We’ve relied on our politicians to do what’s best—have you seen the deplorable Congressional approval ratings? So while we wait for mid-term elections, it’s time to get informed, discuss the issues, and prepare to send the best to our nation’s capitol.

While we’re at it, let’s pray for all those who are currently working in our government. Our problems don’t surprise God, but our savior won’t be found in a politician. Without God there are no real miracles—and many agree our nation doesn’t stand a chance without one.

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