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Gold Star Love

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Several years ago, I read about Betsy Schultz in the local newspaper. Her son, Captain Joseph Schultz, died on Memorial Day 2011—killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Even before Joseph’s burial in Arlington Cemetery, Betsy began working on an idea to convert her large Tudor-styled bed and breakfast into a respite home for grieving Gold Star families.

Losing her only child left her with unimaginable sorrow, but not without purpose. To meet Betsy is to be introduced to inspiration. Even though her son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, as a Gold Star Mom, Betsy now dedicates her life comforting other Gold Star families.

Over the past few years I’ve watched hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donated dollars come in to renovate this century-old home. Many of the volunteers are war veterans themselves.

Fundraising efforts stretch across our country—just as the loss for Gold Star Families does. Betsy’s heart knows the deepest of pains. But after spending just a few minutes with her you’ll feel her spirit of compassion.

War losses don’t ever go away. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays will forever be reminders. Even ordinary days can bring fresh tears. Yet, Betsy intends to spend her life helping those who hurt she like does.

Betsy has changed me. The more I’m around her, the more I love the kind of love she has. This diminutive woman has a huge heart for thousands of hurting families she’s never met.

But one day she hopes to invite them, family by family, week by week, into a special home of comfort and peace—where they can be cared for by those who understand.

What an incredible act of love. As we celebrate Memorial Day, I thank those who’ve sacrificed their lives for my freedom. And I thank Betsy for showing me how loving Gold Star families as they heal is a gift they truly deserve.

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