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Hook-ups Bring Hang-ups

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Hooking-up is “no-strings attached” sex—mostly happening on college campuses.

But even though parents may wonder what their kids are up to in their dorm rooms, they can breathe a little easier, because recent college surveys indicate that hook-ups aren’t happening as often.

University of Portland sociology professor Martin Monto explained his newly published research on the college hook-up culture. His findings indicate that while college students are still hooking up for sex, it has become less random and is more frequently shared with a friend. Apparently this means that sex with casual friends is better than sex with strangers.

Also, according to Monto, there has not been an increase in sexual activity, instead it appears that sexually active college students prefer to have fewer sexual partners and choose someone they know.

However, La Salle University professor, Kathleen A. Bogle says that twenty-somethings are “switching romantic scripts”. Instead of dating someone and having it lead to sex, they might have sex and see if it leads to a relationship.

In the hook-up culture of the past, the sexual union was usually someone unknown—a stranger at a drunken party. Today’s students view hooking-up as an easy way to explore their sexuality without strings attached. Students desire to finish school, establish a career, and embark on a few adventures before being limited by a long-term relationship.

Females seem to like the idea of hooking-up with a friend. It resolves the fears of being mistreated by someone they don’t know. And because the sex is without emotions, it appears that for both sexes there’s no awkwardness afterwards. One student explained it this way, “We still hang out. It’s completely the same as it was before.”

How ludicrous and shortsighted this is. These researchers should check back with the interviewees in about ten years. Sex without strings attached comes with future complications. Choosing to have numerous hook-ups with “friends” until you’re ready to get married is a set-up for marital discord. Marriage doesn’t give you immunity to sexual temptation—which is a big issue if you’ve not practiced fidelity beforehand.

Hook-ups come with hefty hang-ups: sexual dissatisfaction, mistrust, jealousy, and disease. Those can destroy the marriage foundation. When sex is saved for marriage, there’s no extra baggage on the honeymoon.

It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman. But because sexual sin is a danger, each man should have his own wife, and each woman should have her own husband. 1 Cor. 7:1-2

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