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I’ll Stand Too

Wed, Sep. 06, 2017 Posted: 07:40 PM

Labor Day’s celebration of American workers is well-deserved because hard work defines us.

The little church near the restaurant was ideal—she could attend the early service and go right to work afterwards. She noticed a man standing up in the back pew.

He stood the whole service.

As church ended and she was making her way out the door she realized the man who’d been standing was her boss, Pat Sullivan, owner of the restaurant where she waited tables.

She asked him why he stood throughout the service.

“I hire people who have to stand on their feet all day long in order to make my business prosper.

So whenever I go to church, I stand to remind myself how it feels.

I hope it keeps me from being too bossy and makes me remember not to push my help too hard when they are tired. Most of all, it makes me grateful for the labor and loyalty of my employees, who have made my restaurant a success.”

I’ve been opening my eyes wider to all the people who stand as they work—beginning with my husband at his stand-up desk. He sells apples that are carefully packed by workers standing for forty hours a week.

This week I dropped off supplies to our school and saw teachers standing in front of classrooms and bending over desks helping students. I bought groceries from a friendly clerk—who was almost through her long day on her feet. I watched a postal carrier walk up and down a neighborhood delivering mail.

Even though I don’t have to stand to work, I’m going to take some time each day to stand for all my fellow American workers who do.

Pat Sullivan's Labor Day thoughts were shared in Guideposts.

Karen Farris