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4/9/13 at 10:27 AM 1 Comments

Indecent Exposure on Prime Time TV

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How much more indecency will be allowed on television and radio? Without action, it will soon be much more. The Federal Communications Commission just announced it is considering lowering the current broadcast decency standards.

How low will they go? If new standards are accepted, the F-word, S-word and frontal female nudity will be allowed—even at times when children ordinarily would be watching television.

Currently, the broadcast decency laws prohibit expletives and nudity. Even though NBC and Fox networks tried to fight it, the Supreme Court upheld the law as constitutionally enforceable by the FCC.

Once again One Million Moms is helping concerned citizens fight this wanton indecency on public airwaves and television stations across our nation. OMM makes it easy to have your voice heard. Keep the FCC from lowering decency standards any further. TAKE ACTION HERE.

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