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Is America at the Sex Saturation Point?

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Has America finally gotten its cinematic fill of sex and nudity?

Money is one way to track it, and according to the box office receipts, PG-13 movies are now making more money than the R-rated films filled with Hollywood sex scenes, including the dark side of sex crimes such as rape, incest, and depravity.

Paying audiences want films without all the sex.

The Harry Potter movies didn’t have steamy sex scenes—and the films nominated for the 2013 Oscar Best Pictures also lacked nudity. While advertisers and filmmakers still cling to the notion that sex sells, it appears that overexposure isn’t turning on viewers anymore.

People have made the connection that sex crimes increase because of pornography—which often begins with over-visualized movie sex scenes. What we watch changes how we think and what we do.

In a New York Film Academy study (2007-2012) nearly 25% of the women actors were partially naked on screen compared to just over 9% of the men. Women continue to be objectified and exploited for sensationalism. But it appears as if the scales are tipping the other way.

With American youth (98% girls) being at risk for sexual exploitation (nearly 300,000 according to the FBI) it’s time we push back against Hollywood—demanding that they recognize the connection between visual sexual stimuli and crime and their role in perpetuating it. Men commit over two million crimes against women each year.

Since we are now pulling our dollars away from the big screen, let’s do the same with HBO/cable and television. Your money is the key weapon in this battle.

Entertainment shouldn’t come with such tragic costs. Unplug the TV. Let’s enjoy other forms of entertainment and teach Hollywood that sex isn’t for sale.

Hopefully we have reached the sex saturation point and for the sake of our precious youth, it is none to soon.

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