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Journey of a Lifetime

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I had two photos in my purse. Pulling them out, I slid them across the small table so she could see them. She smiled. No doubt she could see the similarities in the couple, but also the unmistakable changes.

She was wondering about marriage. Her sparking engagement ring didn’t quite match her pensive eyes. She was worried that she was too young to make a choice that was supposed to last a lifetime.

Marriage is a journey—taking you some places you plan to go, some places you’d never expect to visit, and some places you’d wish you’d never heard of. But marriage is staying together for the whole journey—start young when you’re filled with energy, hope, excitement, and love.

Let me tell you about all the places you plan to go—you’ve probably had long talks about these things—careers, kids and where you’d like to live. For us, none of our plans went the way we imagined. Learn to enjoy the journey of change.

Now, about those places you never expect to visit. We once thought we’d be famous rock stars traveling the globe. Instead, we lived in eight different cities within the same state. Learn to trust God. He directs your path. Love grows deeper in the rich soil of prayer.

Then there are those places you wish you’d never heard of—like neonatal intensive care units for our firstborn, or scary words like cerebral palsy for our second one. We’d never choose to visit these places. Hard places need strong, loving hearts. You learn to hold on tighter and it makes you stronger and love goes even deeper. Desperate times became our most inspirational ones.

And that brings me to the final place to go together—church. During our honeymoon years we didn’t “need” church. But church is a place to grow up spiritually and the best marriages are the ones growing spiritually. We didn’t go, so we didn’t grow. God blesses marriages because it was His idea, not ours. God knew we’d get it eventually and He was always there—waiting.

So get married and start your journey. Plan the wedding and let God lead your marriage. Share your faith and your lives. The years move swiftly and you won’t see yourselves getting older; instead you’ll see yourselves getting closer.

And that’s the best feeling there is—to be wanted, to be loved, and to share a journey that lasts forever.

Then someday you’ll have two pictures like these, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. She smiled as I put the photos back in my purse.

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