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Life's Pits

Wed, Apr. 04, 2012 Posted: 04:05 PM

I was walking down a road and didn’t see a deep hole up ahead. I fell in and it took me awhile to see how to get out.

The next time I was on that same road, I remembered the huge pit. It hadn’t been fixed, and even though I knew it was there, I fell in again.

You’d think when I found myself on that same road I’d remember that stupid cavernous hole and avoid it. I could see it coming, but I got too close and fell to the bottom.

As I got older, the pits got deeper and the valleys of fear, disappointment, and hardship got even darker.

Isn’t life like this sometimes? Pits and valleys. Life is full of both and we all deal with them. But I was a lousy navigator—even when I knew where the pits were, I still didn’t see a better route. Climbing out of pits can leave us muddy, scratched and weary. Was life just going to be about being in the pits and the brief times in between?

I finally found a better way to navigate and I don’t worry about deep pits and getting lost anymore. It's like having a GPS combined with survival gear. This former pit dweller is now a mountain climber thanks to Jesus.

As I celebrate Easter, I remember the price Jesus paid to be my navigator. It cost Him everything. But my cost? Zero.

Jesus says, "Follow me." I have. He helps me avoid those pits, get through the valleys, and so much more. What an incredible offer.

Life is too short to wait to come to Him, but Jesus leaves that choice up to us. Easter is a reminder that His offer is still good.

Karen Farris