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2/18/13 at 02:01 PM 8 Comments

Man’s Inhumanity to Man

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Today’s news includes gruesome murders, torture, evil dictators, brutality, rape, and cruelty. Where does this evil come from? From man’s evil heart.

About ten years ago I had a heart transplant—a spiritual one. Having lived with a heart toughened by selfish ambition and callused by efforts to self-gratify, my heart failed me. God took this broken, sickened heart and replaced it with one that beat like His. Like any transplant patient, there was a period where I could have rejected my new heart.

As I regained strength and fed on His Word, my heart beat stronger than before. Energy to serve Him increased too. But there was a side effect I hadn’t anticipated. I could no longer read about man’s atrocities without it hurting deep inside. I’d cry in grief, pray, and ask Him what I needed to do. I could no longer turn away.

Even those who choose to ignore God can’t explain where man’s intense evil comes from. A lion or a grizzly bear won’t inflict needless torture on their prey. Yet man in incomprehensible evil has done far worse to his fellow man. For man to do such evil substantiates that God does indeed have an enemy and he inhabits those who willingly serve that evil agenda.

Those who have God’s heart have hope, love, and offer others His light. Where Satan exists there is only darkness, blight, suffering, torment and all that we read in today’s awful news. So until someone can tell me where evil comes from, please don’t tell me God doesn’t exist—because you can’t have God’s goodness without God.

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