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Middle School Condom & Foreplay Lessons

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While many concerned parents are focused on schools implementing the Common Core curriculum, beware of something even more insidious coming to your middle school—Making Proud Choices.

It’s the usual “safer sex” mantra wrapped in awesome condom packages. But wait…there’s much more.

This is what they’ll learn:

  • How to make condoms pleasurable and fun!
  • How to use condoms in foreplay
  • How to act sexy when putting on a condom
  • Hide a condom on your body and ask your partner to find it
  • Have fun putting a condom on your partner—and pretend you’re someone else and think about different places to do it
  • Tease each other while putting on a condom
  • Learn how to relax and enjoy yourself
  • See how using condoms will make erections last longer!
Role-playing and practicing on penis models complete this sexually graphic classroom exercise. Who wouldn’t think that discussions like these would be sexually stimulating and lead to activities parents would rather their children avoid?
Be an informed parent and ask about your local school’s sex education programs. Planned Parenthood endorses Making Proud Choices, and they are usually the ones sending staff into local schools to instruct the students.
Beware. This is a curriculum that promises that sex can be “fun and pleasurable when a condom is used and [students] are taught how to incorporate this belief into role-play scenarios.”
Parents remain the most influential force in their child’s life. Be that parent. One mom stood up against Making Proud Choices—and won.
Be the influence your child needs. Keep them from these sexual role-playing games and let them know that saving sex for marriage will give them rich rewards later rather than cheap thrills now.

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