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More Fuel for the Election Fire

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Dinesh D'Souza

Just in time for the Democratic Convention, Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, Hillary’s America comes to movie theaters across America.

According to D’Souza, the once pro-slavery Democratic party has merely transitioned to one of pro-enslavement.

The movie traces America’s unsavory racist and greedy history perpetuated by the hands of…wait for it…..the Democratic party.

The 2016 election highlights the discord in our nation and D’Souza adds fuel to the inferno. He claims that Democrat’s political self-interest rises above national interests. I suggest that some Republicans are not immune to this either.

The 3-minute movie trailer gets to the heart of D’Souza’s warning: be wary of the Democratic party’s true intent—they want to “steal” America. The movie is only showing in limited theaters, but I wonder if it really matters. When the political shouting gets this loud, people can’t hear so it’s easier to stop listening.

Which reminds me of the story about a woman who parked her car near a construction worker using a jackhammer. It was impossible to hear. Later, as she returned to her car she realized she’d left it running. Sometimes noise really interferes with our thinking. This election maybe noisy, but we can’t afford to stop listening and thinking. Here's the 3-minute trailer:

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