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New Beginning

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Here’s my annual back-to-school blog post. This year it’s personal.

Dear O,

This summer you hiked places you’ve never been before. Soon, you’ll be in middle school classrooms that you’ve never been before too.

But unlike your summer hikes, this one is going to take months to complete. That’s okay, because afterwards you’ll be smarter and stronger in new ways.

While you were hiking in Glacier National Park, there was some concern about running into a grizzly bear. You did, but you were safe in your truck when it happened.

In middle school, there will be some things that seem as big and bothersome as bears. But just as your truck provided security when you saw the bear, there are people at school to help you.

Then there’s this:

You’re resilient. I suppose being a soccer goalie in the freezing rain taught you that.

But resilience will help as you handle more kids and five or six different teachers with higher expectations than before.

You’re also kind. You look after those who are picked on—that’s good, because bullying can sometimes be hidden from those who can help.

You’re also friendly—and that helps in a new school.

You’re aware of life-altering decisions. You’ll be seeing kids make choices that can take them down. Take the high road and go with friends who’ll stay on that road with you.

This is a new beginning. Make a name for yourself in all the right ways—and next school year younger kids can follow in your footsteps.

Our schools need leaders, I know you can be one.

Love, Grandma

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