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12/3/12 at 11:27 PM 2 Comments

News Flash: Senate to Vote on UN Treaty

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The US Senate will be voting Tuesday, December 4th on whether to ratify a United Nations treaty on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Beneath the surface of this important sounding effort, is a crafty attempt to bequeath more of our American sovereignty to the authority of the United Nations.

America has some of the most stringent protections for those who are disabled. This treaty supposedly makes it a more global effort to support the disabled. Proponents say if the US signs the treaty other nations would be more likely to improve their own efforts with the disabled.

But like the Affordable Care Act, there are numerous provisions buried in the legalese that make this treaty unworthy at best and scary at the worst. Americans would be required to register any child with disabilities. Certain choices regarding a child's care wouldn't necessarily remain under the parent's control. Not to mention the cost and new accountability to a global entity. Let's let Americans keep American laws. Read up on this and contact your Senators right away.{AD6BA826-95AC-4DB0-BE17-E9767D210057}&Type=B_BASIC

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