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Our WikiLeaks World

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The Guardian

We’ve heard there is no honor among thieves, but when the infamous Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) protects his hacker’s identities, one wonders if that’s true or not. Listening to an Assange interview, I get the impression he thinks he’s a computer-age Robin Hood.

His timing to release 20,000 emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee was telling enough, but his promise to release more reveals an attempt to control the outcome of an election.

For those in sensitive positions, I offer a new adage: if you want to keep a secret don’t use a computer.


Even more critical, this latest WikiLeaks episode reveals that we’re not secure enough in a cyberattack world. Our nation’s sensitive computers need to be resilient to hackers. What if enemy hackers got into our power grids and nuclear facilities? A good firewall is not enough. It needs to be the best.

Assange claims to have America’s best interest at heart. He wants people to see behind the curtain and make informed decisions. Is he a hero or a villain?

In this new world of WikiLeaks, when nefarious deeds are exposed, who deserves our anger—the hacker or the perpetrator of the bad deeds?

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