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Posted 3/31/16 at 3:38 PM | Karen Farris

Taking the Muslim Challenge

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) director shared some of the worst atrocities he'd seen in Iraq and Syria. Traveling straight into the bullseye zone of evil, his organization cares for the persecuted and the suffering while offering hope.

His stories of horror were not meant to paralyze us but propel us to action. I felt a plea for money was coming, but I was wrong.

Scanning the audience, he said together we could make a difference.


One family at a time—inviting Muslims into our homes and becoming friends.

Sharing meals, getting to know one another, not attempting to sway them with our faith, but just offering friendship. Not a one-time event, but an on-going effort to love Muslims in our communities.

Images of ISIS brutalities flooded my head. How about those rioting Muslim immigrants in Europe? The Belgium and Paris terrorist attacks?

Would making friends with American Muslims help? According to VOM it does. Millions of Muslims aren’t jihadists. They are fathers, mothers, kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents like us. FULL POST

Posted 3/29/16 at 12:30 PM | Karen Farris

Porn on the Job

Some federal employees have been viewing porn on government-owned computers on government time. Porn filters need to be installed on all government computers.

Problem solved.

North Carolina Representative Walter Jones has asked House Committee on Appropriations to add language in any future appropriations that will force federal agencies to block access to pornography on all government computer networks.

We shouldn’t pay our government employees to peruse porn. Not only is our nation in debt, we are morally bankrupt as well.

The American Family Association is taking action to help Representative Jones in his effort to push this legislation to block porn at work. Click here to contact your representative.

Posted 3/24/16 at 4:53 PM | Karen Farris

Is March Madness good for America?

When the sixty-four NCAA men college basketball teams enter the annual March Madness fray a betting frenzy sweeps the nation. Over forty million people fill out brackets hoping to cash in. The odds are 9.2 quintillion to one that you can pick the winner of every game. Tough odds.

So if we don’t win, who does? Beer companies. Beer consumption increases almost 30% in March, followed by pizza at 19%. We may lose money, but we won’t lose any weight.

Besides the bracket busting losers, who else loses? Employers who cover lost wages due to distraction and lost productivity—estimated at about $1.9 billion. So, March Madness comes with a cost. But what about the benefits?

For a few weeks we cheer on teams fighting to win in one of the most competitive sporting events of the year. Sure, we lose money and time, but we gain perspective—that March Madness is a lot like life—tough games, with turn-overs, bad calls, heart wrenching upsets, and some mind-blowing come-from-behind-buzzer-beater wins. FULL POST

Posted 3/17/16 at 2:32 PM | Karen Farris

Get Ready for Millennial Control

Move over Baby Boomers, the 83 million-strong Millennials are the largest demographic in our nation.

They represent a huge voting block too. Last election this group strongly supported President Obama, but with hefty payroll taxes taking a chunk of their earnings, could they becoming wary of high-cost government policies?

Even though they carry the financial burden of aging Boomers, they are also experiencing the highest rates of unemployment and underemployment. Millennials will be greatly impacted by this election.

Political geeks theorize that if Millennials vote for a Democrat twice, they are likely to remain Democrat for life. Thus, Republicans are desperately wooing Millennial voters.

Five generations will be voting for president. There are still some voters in the Greatest Generation (1900-1924). FULL POST

Posted 3/16/16 at 1:48 PM | Karen Farris

Fifteen Years Hard Labor

AP Photo by Jon Chol Jin

As many concerned parents know, some college-aged students enjoy living on the edge. Here’s another example of why those concerns are warranted. University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier traveled with Young Pioneer Tours to North Korea. He was arrested while trying to steal a political banner in the hallway of his motel.

He has now been sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor in one of North Korea’s many prisons. While North Korea notoriously extracts confessions from foreign detainees—there is not much the Unites States can do. Already the UN sanctions are having minimal effect in regards to North Korea's nuclear testing.

Sadly for young Mr. Warmbier he may finish his college years experiencing the worst nightmare of his life. At least college students can take his example as a dire warning.

Posted 3/15/16 at 1:04 PM | Karen Farris

Left Wing Job Offers: Rent-A-Mob

Hey, unemployed college students, laid-off disgruntled employees, and anyone needing temporary work: here’s an immediate opportunity to earn some cash.

The Grassroots Campaign is hiring. An advertisement on Craigslist explained that “The Republican and Conservative agenda is threatening to turn back the clock….if their extremist candidates are elected this November, we can expect more racist, anti-immigrant policy more laws aimed at making it harder for poor people and minorities to vote, and a halt to meaningful attempts to curb global climate change.”

Grassroots Campaign is filling positions for Canvass Directors and Assistant Directors in over twenty states. That’s a lot of grassroots campaigning. They are seeking politically motivated people. Do you suppose this is who we are seeing crashing some of the political rallies? And what kind of election antics can we see in the future? This is not your grandparent’s presidential election. This is the Brave New World kind.

Posted 3/10/16 at 4:06 PM | Karen Farris

If You Dare

Take a quick break from politics, nuclear threats, and terror.

Instead let me introduce you to the coolest place you should never go.

My former high school classmates know it well—the Vance Creek Bridge. Back in our day it was still relatively safe—if by safe you mean a railroad bridge without any railings, perched nearly 350’ above jagged rocks.

Shortly after we graduated, logging companies stopped using the bridge, but not the local teens.

It’s the second highest railway bridge in the United States. Built in 1929, Vance Creek is listed on the National Historic Register, but it hasn’t been truly maintained in decades.

Kimberly Monique Nicole

Thrill-seekers walking across the 600’ span must wonder if their weight will crumble the rotting beams beneath their feet. FULL POST

Posted 3/10/16 at 1:31 PM | Karen Farris

ABC's Real O'Neals aren't real Catholics

ABC has a new sitcom, The Real O’Neals...just like average American families they are vulgar, law-breaking, divorcing Catholics, with a gay son. (Tuesday evening 8:30 pm).

Laugh lines come at the expense of God. While ABC is promoting this truly dysfunctional family as perfect Irish-Catholics, their antics are abhorrent to those of God-honoring faith.

For instance, the daughter steals the money she is supposedly raising for charity. The mom encourages her gay son to have sex with a girl just to “try it”. Jesus appears to the gay son, and is annoyed with the mom’s strict guidelines for him. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that ultra anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage serves as one of the producers—and the show’s content comes from some of his experiences. One Million Moms encourages Christians to take action by contacting advertisers of The Real O-Neals. Click here to send an email.

Posted 3/3/16 at 3:53 PM | Karen Farris

Angry Americans

Angry Americans are apparently fueling this crazy presidential election. Why the anger? It’s something we all work for: Money.

For fifty years, from 1950-2000, our economy grew at an average annual rate of 3.5%. This means we got wealthier—from $16,000 to over $50,000 over person.

So what has happened since 2000? We’ve had 2% growth. This means we haven’t had a pay raise in 15 years.

Democrats declare that it’s Wall Street’s fault, crony capitalists’ fault, the uber-rich one percent’s fault, and the fault of corporations who take all the tax breaks they can get. Their strategy involves imposing hefty taxes on them. But the rich take their money and run while corporations pass extra costs on to us.

Bernie Sanders is dividing Democrat loyalty, but it’s the Republicans truly feeling the burn.

The GOP “Establishment” hopes to knock down the invincible Donald Trump. He claims he’ll make America great without giving much detail. Cruz is more specific as he vows to abolish the IRS and carpet bomb our enemies. Both want to bring back offshore jobs and the trillions in offshore banks. FULL POST

Posted 2/29/16 at 10:53 AM | Karen Farris

The End is Beginning

With no other means to reach the old man, they waited until dusk and walked miles through heavily forested terrain—keeping a watchful eye for lurking thugs who’d staked squatter’s claims in the dense woods.

They hoped the risk might be worth finding out what the old man knew. Years ago he’d made random warnings about the government and it seemed each dire prediction had happened.

It was his final warning that led the two-some on this risky endeavor.

They barely spoke as they walked stealthily through the woods, but that didn’t stop their whirling thoughts.

They both recalled the old man’s rants about how illegal immigrants had overrun their once strong nation. At first, the illegals had become the nation’s lowest-level workers, most never bothering to learn the new language. Their increasing population gradually weakened the whole country. FULL POST

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