Friday Tidings
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Paper Lesson

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I listened to the simple directions:

Fold a piece of paper in half. On the top part write the worst things that have happened to you. On the bottom half list all the good things.

Then look at how some of the bad things on the top helped bring about some of the good things on the bottom.

I remembered my disappointment not being able to go to the college of my dreams, but it led me to the college where I met the man of my dreams. Further down the bad list were the desperate years on our failing farm. But those years fortified our resolve to remain united in hardship.

I’m old enough now to see the bad-good pattern and not flinch so much when something new goes on the top half of the paper. As much as I wish to avoid heartache, sickness, despair, brokenness, and poverty, I have experienced them all. Perspective allows me to see the good even in the bad…but usually not at first.

Something got added to my bad list this week. I anticipate eventually something good will come, even though I’m not sure how or when it will happen. We've been told that without pain and loss we'd not appreciate pleasure, without loss we’d not be thankful for gain. Yet it goes further than that. Bad stuff usually teaches me something I need to learn.

In the midst of a loss, God still gives me far more than I’ll ever know. Something good has already happened….I took my first step from where I was. I fold my paper and tuck it away. I’m ready to keep going.

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