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3/18/13 at 10:33 AM 12 Comments

Pregnancy, Poverty, and Pride

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In New York City, nine out of ten pregnancies are unplanned. So the mayor’s office recently launched a teen anti-pregnancy campaign. But their real focus is the poverty caused by teen moms.

Research by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy ( has shown that children born to single teen moms who haven’t finished high school are nine times more likely to be poor than children born to adults who have finished high school and are married.

Even though teen moms purportedly love those little babies and cute toddlers they often languish in hardship. Furthermore, their children are less prepared to enter school, do poorly once there, and have less hope for a better future. Not the happy picture of families in cute little homes surrounded by white picket fences.

Children born to teen moms are more likely to drop out of high school. Those little baby girls are more likely to eventually become teen moms and those adorable baby boys are far more likely to serve jail time. Read: poverty cycle continues.

Interestingly, Planned Parenthood is criticizing NYC’s in-your-face campaign. They’d prefer a less shame-based approach, focusing instead on making better choices. However, when PP dispenses free birth control, teen sex is encouraged—and it isn’t “responsible” sex.

Statistics are real. And so are the children born to young girls who aren’t ready emotionally, educationally, or financially to raise children. Taxpayers pay for the copious government assistance needed to care for these children. What should pregnant teens do? Consider adoption. There are millions of US couples who are gainfully employed, have the means and the love to raise your child.

Is it shameful to show the pitiful faces of toddlers living in poverty? Not if it will quell teen pregnancies. This is a poignant public reminder about the true victims of poor sexual choices. Teen moms who think they can handle raising children without enough money are prideful fools. Welfare dollars will never replace a solid home with a mom and dad. We need less teen pregnancy, poverty and pride and teens humble enough to admit, “I love my baby and want what’s best for him (or her) and it’s not me.”

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