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Purity in a Playboy World

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The parents knew the challenges their daughter would face in high school but they sent their cute, longhaired, innocent freshman anyway. It wasn’t easy for Kylie to go from homeschool to public school.

Soon she was coming home with stories about watching hallway drug deals and overhearing reports about locker room sex.

She didn’t fit in, but she didn’t really want to either. She felt lonely and awkward. It would be easier to stay home, but her parents wouldn’t let her.

Instead, they encouraged her to make a choice—live by her feelings or to live by her actions.

Kylie is choosing to rise above her wavering feelings and act like a God-honoring teen. It hasn’t been easy. Friendships were fleeting. Once kids knew she wouldn’t go to the parties, they didn’t want to share anything else either. Most days she felt no one understood her. Being an outcast at fourteen doesn’t feel good. Every day became a choice to live for her feelings, or live by her actions.

So she walks the hallways armed with an iPhone Bible app for quick encouragement between classes.

When she lacks confidence, she remembers her mom’s advice to ask herself if the behavior she sees in the students is eternal. If it’s not eternal then it’s a waste of time. Most of what Kylie sees and hears isn’t eternal.

She’s choosing purity as she walks through the temporal waste in her high school.

Being pure and God honoring in our playboy world isn’t easy. Images and ideas routinely bombard young minds. Fantasies of fun-loving freedom—glamorized by images of playboy parties fuel these notions. Feelings flow like waves of anticipation and then ebb with bitter rejection, when parties, sex, and people don’t measure up. Kylie observes kids smoking pot between classes, obscuring what little reality they know. Others escape into hot and cold running relationships, while a few jump off the deep-end with methamphetamine abuse. And this is high school.

As Christians, if our actions don’t add value in God’s economy, then we not only waste the time God gives us; we defile His Kingdom.

Our nation caters to feelings. If it feels right, do it. Rather than offending someone’s feelings, we allow behavior that used to be illegal. Our playboy world is increasingly becoming more obtrusive and obnoxious.

Godly living requires deliberate actions—not living with wavering feelings. Purity goes beyond teen sexual choices. Purity chooses friends with care. Purity means choosing our entertainment wisely. Purity is honest. Purity makes the right choices, even when it’s hard.

Let’s face our playboy world with godly actions, and with God’s help we won’t be serving our feelings, but serving Him. And when we do, we shine—just like a lone fourteen-year-old girl is doing in her high school.

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