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Saving Sex—the black Tebow

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Tim Tebow isn’t the only professional athlete publically declaring his choice to remain sexually abstinent. New York Giants Prince Amukamara has chosen sexual purity in a world of frills and sexual favors. Not only that, he readily admits his relationship with Jesus guides his life.

Amukamara grew up Catholic and was always thinking about what choices could get him to heaven. Once he came to know Jesus it wasn’t, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that.” Rather, he could see that God-honoring choices had better results.

When people jokingly refer to him as the black Tim Tebow, he laughs. But he’s not joking about virginity. He has never had sex and is waiting until he and his fiancée are married.

He knows this is God’s plan and so it’s his plan too. When asked how he blows off steam—since he doesn’t drink alcohol or have sex, Amukamara says he enjoys dancing and being around others who are enjoying themselves.

Most important, he’s found happiness living a lifestyle that keeps him from needless hurt—like DUI’s, sex-capades, and a string of broken relationships.

As far as athletic role-models go, Tebow and Amukamara are shining stars for choosing a God-honoring lifestyle. It isn’t easy, nor does it come without mockery. But for these two athletes, they are truly happy, blessed, and realize that with Jesus on their team, there isn’t any better way to live and win.

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