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Saying No to Sexual Sin Begins By Saying Yes to God

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Perhaps your kids are still young—or maybe you’re like me and they’re now well into adulthood. No matter what your parental status, we have a crisis on our hands and it requires all Christians to do something.

The prom clean-up crew had more than the usual balloons and streamers to toss away. Numerous girls’ panties also littered the floor. Instead of dark corners or bathroom stalls, grinding dancers used the cover of long dresses and clusters of teens to have sex right in front of the watchful eyes of chaperones—leaving panties as a testimony to their bravado.

Welcome to prom season 2013: Daughters dressing like porn stars and virile sons all getting their sexual appetites fed. Where are the clueless parents? Too bad they don’t get to share the future fall-out from these teen dance disasters. Oh they will. We all will, eventually.

While school administrators attempt to set “boundaries” for dance protocol, they can’t be responsible for morality. Teens have been fully immersed in sexual innuendos ever since they began glaring at a TV screen. Once old enough for computers and cell phones, a bevy of sexting and porn images were a click away.

Forget installing computer sexual filters, it goes much deeper—straight to the teen heart. Until they meet God and really understand why He places boundaries around sex, they just won’t stop. And soon it goes from a teen problem to an adult problem. Sex, having been a game since middle school, no longer has any allure for a long-term relationship. Sullied and spoiled from its magnetic capacity to hold a couple together, it’s become a play toy and void of spiritual significance.

All of the sexual abstinence programs in churches and schools will fail, right along with failing parents who allow their children to act out scenes from Jersey Shore while thinking it doesn’t matter. Teens won’t say no to sex until they see why they should say yes to God.

God knows the devastating results of sexual sin. And He clearly warned us in His Word. God gives us a view of marriage that we miss in our casual, toss-away culture. We want sex our way, not His. God forgives our sexual sins, but the consequences remain. If the sex was all that good and uncomplicated, mental depression wouldn’t be skyrocketing, teen suicide rates wouldn’t be so high, STDs wouldn’t be at epidemic levels, and divorce rates would be far lower.

Once upon a time, our Christian influence wasn’t as paltry as it is today. Christians, we need to shine a light in the dark places—and that includes the dance floors across school campuses. Sexual sin stops when its ugly reality reaches our heart and we resoundingly say yes to God.

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