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Sex, Lies, and the Latex Missionaries

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Why Condoms Aren't the Answer

Take two minutes and listen to Chris Stafanick—he sets us straight about condoms versus abstinence.

Yet here in America we’ve sold our soul to Planned Parenthood. We hand out condoms and let kids be kids.

Not so in the Philippines. In 1984 when the AIDS virus broke out in that nation, abstinence programs went into high gear. When AIDS hit Thailand, they instead chose condom distribution to quell the outbreak.

Today, AIDS/HIV infections are 50% higher in Thailand—condom failure. As Stafanick succinctly states, the more you encourage sex, the more sexually active people you’ll have and the more maladies there will be.

Here in America, every DAY 43,000 people are newly infected with sexually transmitted infections. Condoms aren’t the solution. As the Philippines seem to reflect, abstinence does indeed work. Beware of those latex missionaries...they're more concerned with their business than yours.

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