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Sexploitation Television

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We knew TV was sexualized, but just how much so was recently revealed in a study compiled by the Parents Television Council. During the research study period, of the 238 aired television episodes, 150 of them (63%) contained sexual content with 33% containing sexually exploitative scenes. Also troubling is that most of these scenes were depicted with underage females and presented as humorous.

The topics that network TV sexualized and perceived as humorous were child molestation, sex trafficking, sexual harassment, pornography, and stripping. America, what’s happening is an entertainment environment that views sexual exploitation as “neither serious nor harmful” and these incidents are viewed as “trivial and acceptable”.

Translating the cause and effect of today’s entertainment into national statistics isn’t always clear. But the average age of minors entering prostitution is now 13. Of the 80% female rape victims, almost half experience it before the age of 18. With over 27 million men, women and children around the world in forced labor and forced prostitution, this subject is nothing to laugh about.

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