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Split Second Accident

Thu, Mar. 01, 2012 Posted: 07:04 PM

Several birthdays ago, my grandson got one of those little motorized cars. Soon after, I had him by myself for the day and I was letting him have fun learning how to drive it in our big indoor building.

Later that day, it was time to take him home and he asked to go “park” his car.

As I stood near the door, I watched him press the accelerator and race clear across the room. The next moments will forever be etched in slow motion in my mind. In the few seconds I had, I knew I couldn’t reach him in time.

He crashed his little car into our heavy, folded up ping-pong table. The bulky table momentarily teetered and then crashed down on top of him and his car. The last thing I saw were his little arms reaching above his head to try and protect himself.  A terribly loud crash was followed by absolute silence. All I could see was a huge wooden table covering the top of his little car.

With my heart beating fiercely, I ran to him, fearing he’d been crushed. I lifted the heavy table off the car and he was startled but uninjured. I shook with disbelief. I lifted him out and held him close as we looked at the broken table and his little car.

I can’t explain what happened that afternoon. But one day I’ll meet the angel who saved him. Some may wonder if miracles really happen. But not me. Whenever I remember the miracle that spared my grandson, I pause and thank God—for all his miracles, the ones I’ve seen and all the ones I haven’t.

Karen Farris