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Stop Celebrating Single Motherhood

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When abortion-minded women visit pregnancy resource centers the free ultrasounds literally open their eyes and are life-saving for tiny babies.

But once life has been chosen, is there another more critical choice that can be made? Yes. Adoption.

At a time when out-of-wedlock pregnancies outpace in-wedlock ones, we need to consider the child’s perspective too.

Lisa had just celebrated her birthday when the home pregnancy kit informed her that motherhood was also part of being sweet sixteen. It wasn’t easy to tell her folks, or stand in front of her church and confess, as was their custom. Abortion wasn’t an option—and Lisa welcomed the support from family and friends.

But something else was also welcomed and supported—adoption. Lisa wasn’t ready to become a mom and she knew it. Thus began the search for a family who would adopt her baby. A Christian adoption agency provided all the legal work and background parental screening. With all the paperwork and legal details formalized, the more important part—connecting birth mom to this new family took place.

Fast-forward eighteen years. Lisa’s baby is now preparing to graduate from high school. Checking out her daughter’s facebook, she’s done all the things teen girls love to do—proms, funny photos, school fundraisers, youth group mission trips, even boyfriends—and soon she’ll be going to college. Even though she stayed in contact with her birth mom, what she didn’t experience was seeing her birth mom struggle to find work and live on public assistance in order to raise her. She didn’t observe random men coming into her mom’s life and wondering how they fit into her small world. She wasn’t moved from place to place while her mom discovered herself. She didn’t scrape by academically because no one was there to really help her or motivate her. Just the opposite.

How many lives were changed because of this one adoption? Hard to know, but it’s a story that needs to repeat itself. Over two million couples across our nation cannot have children of their own. They are financially ready, have hearts bursting with love, and are waiting for a baby to adopt. Adoption should be promoted at clinics, schools, and even churches. Families can offer so much more than most single moms are able to on their own.

Why is single-motherhood celebrated in our nation? If it requires public assistance, and poverty-ridden choices for our nation’s next generation then it is a selfish and destructive choice. Especially when stable families are waiting. I celebrate young moms, like Lisa, who briefly held her newborn and as she handed her to her new mom and dad said, “I’m giving her the chance to be raised like God’s princess—which she is.” Our nation could use more adoption-minded moms and fewer accolades for single moms who think more highly of themselves than they ought.

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