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S*X and Tim Tebow

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Sex gets attention. It sells things. Racy, suggestive commercials lure us in with promises. But sex wasn’t supposed to be so cheap and given away so easily.

Sex, once reserved for adulthood, now has some elementary girls seeking birth control. Students are taught about sexuality along with math and grammar. Heck, in some classrooms they even learn how to have better sex.

But sex has a cost. And it can be expensive.

Someone I know just got a look at the price tag. And I hate to tell them it's only the beginning.

In the throwaway nature of young sexual relationships, something special is lost with every break-up. With each relationship failure, the baggage gets a bit heavier. For many youth, the future is a far away place and sex is more immediate. It's just another activity to be enjoyed, like a good movie.

And then came Tim Tebow. I never thought someone from the raunchy, rowdy NFL would be promoting sexual purity. Here is a handsome, wealthy, super talented NFL athlete AND he’s saving sex for marriage. According to Tim, this is his life’s agenda:

Live pure. Work hard. Leave the rest to God.

Hey girls, if I were young, single and looking for a guy to marry, I’d want someone like Tim Tebow. Maybe your Tim Tebow won’t be an athlete, or rich, but anyone who values marriage as much as he does would be the kind of man who would stay with you, would honor you, would work hard for you, wouldn’t cheat on you, and would make an amazing father for your children.

So if you're single: Look harder. Be choosey. You're worth it. And so is the person who is waiting for you.

As I try and help mend another broken heart, it's easy to feel defeated. Then I think about Tim Tebow and it gives me hope.

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