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Tebow and Culpo Breakup over Sex

Wed, Dec. 02, 2015 Posted: 01:31 PM

When a sexually abstinent young man and 2012 Miss USA Olivia Culpo connect for a chaste relationship, how long will it last? Not long. Tebow professed his love in the old-fashioned way—writing long love letters and sending special notes. After a couple months, Miss Culpo decided it was enough.

Having just exited a serious relationship with Nick Jonas, Culpo seemed to reject the notion of the "waiting for sex" ideology. Tebow remains adamant that marriage is where sex belongs, but not enjoying the sexual part of their relationship (after two months) wasn’t ideal for her. The rumor mills are grinding out all sorts of half-truths about Tebow and Culpo. But the reality is this: God's truth is always right. It was His idea that sex belonged within the boundaries of marriage.

In a culture that now readily accepts immediate sexual hook-ups, random sexual relationships, and instant gratification, Tim Tebow stands out. If Miss USA rejects his love it just means that God has someone else in mind. Keep looking Tim, she’s waiting too.

Karen Farris