Friday Tidings
3/6/17 at 02:13 PM 0 Comments

Thank you, Christian Post

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Only God could have known what this naïve blogger would experience in her time with Christian Post.

Back when I first inquired if I could post on your blog page, I had just begun my blogging journey. Christian Post Blog Editor Barry Bowen, read some of my work and sent me a welcome email.

Friday Tidings was official.

I was a small writer among some amazing bloggers—Tim Challies, Phil Cooke, and Robin Schumacher.

I read more blog posts than I ever wrote. I honed my craft, cringed at some of the comments I received, and developed my own voice.

Thank you for the chance to share.

There were some high points—when I was asked to write about some hot button issues in the news. The lowest point was a blog I posted during the Travon Martin trial. Insensitivity ruled, with a glaringly honest appraisal of his upbringing rather than imagining the cost to a family that had lost a son.

Yet, the blog post went ballistic. This was when blog posts were shared on the CP email newsletter, the main page, the CP Facebook page, as well as the blog page. A CP editor called me and we talked about the piece and the uproar it was causing—a riot of vicious comments both pro and con. I deleted the post and wrote a sincere apology piece.

The cost of my words humbled me. Now I’m humbled in a different way. Christian Post Blog has been transitioning.

The page is stagnant with “Editor Picks” that are a year old. This isn’t a reflection of the editors, but perhaps the cost of these economic times.

The vibrant days of daily new blog posts seems over. Perhaps some of the more famous bloggers have lost interest in posting, I don’t know.

This I do know: I have felt the sting of my own pride. I used to look at my postings on the front page and feel my self-worth surge.

Back when the email newsletter would feature a blog each day and mine had been selected, I was elated—I even kept copies for my scrap book.

Seeing my blog post on the Facebook Christian Post—and counting "likes" boosted my morale. Now, it’s all changed. The blog posts no longer appear on the Christian Post front page.

This has been good for me. It’s as if God’s bright light shone directly on my prideful heart. The glare exposed the truth that I had gotten used to the idea of being favored.

So, I asked God to forgive my prideful heart—and even though the Christian Post editors weren’t aware of what was happening in my world, I thank them for facilitating the opportunity to show me more of who I am.

Hopefully, I can now blog for the right reasons, and allow God to facilitate any needed promotion—which truly isn’t needed at all.

May I focus on the issues that touch hearts and change those hearts for Jesus, which is really what my goal should have always been.

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