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10/27/12 at 07:26 PM 2 Comments

The Apocalypse & End Times Prophesy

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Some family members used to think I was a bit “tweaked” when it came to end-times prophesy, those wars and rumors of war, the Mark of the Beast, and the dreaded Antichrist. I confess, I read dozens of prophesy books, highlighted passages in the Book of Revelation and then applied it to all of the “signs of the times”. But that was waaaay back in the 70’s & 80’s. I’ve chilled out considerably since then.

However, what I see now reminds me of what I read a long time ago. I’m several decades older and less prone to exaggeration and fear mongering. But the melt down in the Middle East harkens to some very real end-times scenarios. Believe me, I’m all for freedom and ousting despot rulers but I’m troubled about the power struggle that may follow from Islamic extremists. And the Apocalypse is all about extremism at its worst.

Middle East governments are woven together with their religious beliefs. Often there’s nearly no tolerance for faiths other than Islam. I’ll grant that many Muslims live in peace all over the world. But we are negligent not to consider those who profess faith in Allah and consider us infidels. In 2003, I looked into the cavity of what was once the World Trade Centers. Hate manifested itself on 9/11. Reality is that Islamic extremists have two options: do it their way or die.

I’ve been conditioned to living in freedom. Not so in the Middle East. Their worldview is counter to ours. They’ve had to live under evil autocrats and some stark religious fanatics. I’ve always been one to shrug my shoulders, say they’ve been like this for centuries and then roll over and go back to sleep. But what is happening now is a recipe for the end-times scenario of Revelation.

Listen to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He wants worldwide political rule through religion. It’s not what I believe about God that matters. It’s what Ahmadinejad and his cohorts believe is truth. They are driven by their fanatical faith to usher in a new world order. And we aren’t invited. The USA is not on their new world map.

So as we watch the riots, unrest and instability, these are those birth pains talked about in Revelation. There are food shortages and worse atrocities. Yes, this has all happened before. But the difference this time is our global connectedness and nuclear missiles in the wrong hands. I don’t need to exaggerate or be a fear-monger because all we need to do is turn on our TV. However, I won’t be freaking out because I know how the story ends.


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