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The Second Coming of Watergate

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I was fifteen when the the Watergate hearings were happening. Even in my teenage-distracted mind, I knew it was a big deal. It toppled All The President’s Men.

For young folks, feel free to Google it here. But since then, every scandal has carried the suffix “gate” in an inglorious honor to the Big Gate that started it.

So, will former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play (reporter’s words, not mine) intertwined role with the Clinton Foundation lead to a investigation? I hope so, and here’s why:

Clinton for President website

In order to know the truth an outside investigation needs to happen. Nothing to hide? No problem then.

Nixon’s Watergate coverup led to a much-needed Republican shaming. A special prosecutor was appointed followed by months of costly hearings. It ultimately led to some prison terms and resignations, including President Nixon.

The difference between then and now is our media. I recall being enamored by the savvy young reporters that busted the story. Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward became journalistic heroes. Now we have a 24/7 news cycle with heavily invested corporate dollars determining what gets printed, posted, or aired.

Politics and power are intertwined. The challenge can be finding truth in that twisted mix. So, I predict there will be a second coming of Watergate for Hillary Clinton. Before the election? No, like in Nixon’s day, we see the smoke, but there’s not time to determine its source before November’s election.

Until then, all Americans can do is search for truth by finding trusted sources. Without a special prosecutor, we’re the judge and the jury. Casting votes will decide her guilt or innocence.

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