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Think Again America

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November 8 can’t come soon enough. Here’s my election prediction…..

Advanced math was my personal nightmare. My teacher was as frustrated with me as I was with advanced math.

After weeks of floundering, we tried an experiment: Independent Study was relatively new back in the dark ages before personal computers.

I was handed an Algebra course in five thick spiral notebooks and told to report to the library instead of a classroom.

The program was neatly designed to assist hopeless math students like myself—taking me step by step through hundreds of complicated problems.

I started freshman year and ended my senior year in calculus. Every time I got a wrong answer, I got the bold-faced suggestion—Think Again. I couldn’t go on until I got it right.

I saw Think Again so many times during my four years of math, but it didn’t mean quit; it meant go back and figure out the right answer.

America has a math problem: It took 230 years to accumulate 8.7 TRILLION in debt. Then in 8 years, our debt doubled to almost 20 trillion.

Add entitlement promises and climbing interest rates and the debt exponentially increases. This is the most critical math problem America has ever had to solve.

There is an answer, we just haven’t found it yet. We need to Think Again. The days of denial are ending. We can't ignore the math problem anymore. It's waiting for a solution.

And my election prediction? Our next president won't be able to solve the math problem—it will take all of us to solve it —by spending less, working more, and not expecting those campaign promises to come without a cost. Click here for a glimpse of our math problem.

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