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Truth For Youth: August 8-12

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Truth For Youth

Each year the American Family Association in partnership with Revival Fires International hosts “Truth For Youth” across the nation. The mission is simple—giving Bibles to youth who will give them to unsaved friends. This is the sixteenth Truth For Youth week, and over the last fifteen years more than 2.5 million Bibles have been given away to teens.

In response, Revival Fires has received over 25,000 emails, letters, and decision cards from youth.

The Truth For Youth text contains the New Testament along with 100 pages of color comic stories dealing with cultural issues facing today’s teens—homosexuality, abortion, pornography, drugs, violence, and sexual purity in the midst of it all.

America has 53.8 million kids in public school. This outreach can connect them to God’s Word. Click here to get a free Bible. Additional copies can be purchased for $3.00.

This is an event for youth, but in reality, we all need to share God’s Truth.

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