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Truth versus the Tyrant

Tue, Sep. 26, 2017 Posted: 04:23 PM

Apocalyptic weapons are in the hands of a treacherous man, Kim Jong Un. He needs to go. But let’s drop the truth bomb first.

Kim Jong Un is one of the youngest leaders in the world and the craziest.

What he lacks in age and experience he makes up in wealth. He has an estimated $5 billion stashed in foreign banks.

While over half of his nation languishes in poverty and malnourishment he orders $650 million in imported luxury goods each year.

This includes high-end alcohol, diamond-studded watches, and all the rich food he desires.

He also keeps a select group of leaders well fed and in luxury. It’s his insurance policy to maintain power of his wicked Kim dynasty—which is essentially a criminal nation that controls a large concentration camp of slave labor.

During the final year of Obama’s presidency, the State Department budgeted $3 million for a program to infiltrate North Korea with news of what life is like beyond the barbed wire and reeducation camps.

Why not quadruple that spending? North Koreans deserve to know what could be theirs if they didn’t have an evil tyrant controlling their deplorable lives.

Let’s shower the nation with leaflets and food drops. Let them know a world exists outside the barbed wire. They are missing a world with electric power, food, and freedom. A protest among the masses could do more than our old policies of “strategic patience”. The NoKo threats are dire. Experts agree, negotiating with tyrants doesn't work. So, it’s time for covert action (read: deal with Kim Jong Un). And use the mighty weapon of truth on his nation. It's the truth that can set the North Korean slaves free.

Karen Farris