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2/5/13 at 09:47 AM 20 Comments

Under Surveillance

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Just for fun while walking in Seattle, I tried to spot the surveillance cameras watching me. As a foot passenger on the ferry heading to Seattle, there was a large one watching me step aboard. I smiled at the one watching me as I departed. Stopping by the ATM for some lunchtime cash, I looked into the mono lens watching me from behind its cold, metal frame.

Walking past Macy’s I could see small cameras pointed downward at the double entryway. I decided against dashing across the street when I noticed a camera fixed to the pole designed to catch red-light runners—and probably jaywalkers like me. As I waited for the streetcar, I saw its little camera hovering above the pay-kiosk. Once inside, dual cameras followed me to my seat. Wherever I went so did the surveillance. It was all in the name of security—and accountability.

There’s another surveillance that happens without my seeing it. Its cameras record the scenes behind the doors of my home and inside my own mind. God sees all. This is the highest form of accountability. While I can escape the man-made surveillance, I know that I cannot escape God’s. I know of God’s love for me, so this surveillance isn’t meant to scare me, or shame me, but to encourage me to become the best I can be—even when no one is watching. I also am aware that God is with me and knows exactly how to help me and will be with me wherever I go. And that’s the best possible security I could ever have.

"For a man's ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all his paths" (Proverbs 5:21)

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