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Unholy Legacy of Roe v Wade

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It was a chilly spring morning when the small group of women gathered at the cemetery. Circling the gravesite, they held hands and prayed with the pastor. The funeral was for each one’s unborn child. The pastor’s mellow voice encouraged the women in their grief and yet filled them with hope. They knew their child rested in Jesus’ arms and one day they would have a new beginning with their child.

For the past several months this group of women had met weekly, sometimes more, exploring the unspoken pain of their abortions from years before. Unspoken pain—that’s usually what happens. An abortion as a teen or young adult often resurfaces as guilt, shame, and deep regret years later.

The women surrounding the small gravesite had studied together, read God’s Word on forgiveness, cried, shared, and were given the freedom to forgive themselves as God had already done. Their lives were irrevocably altered by a choice, but they learned how God’s forgiveness would wash them of the horror. Satan no longer could whisper “murderer” into their hearts.

Forty years of abortion and over fifty-five million babies. Just because we can legally make the choice doesn’t mean we should. We will never know who we could have been as a nation if we hadn’t legalized abortion, but we certainly can see who we are now because of it.

Every year Christian pregnancy resource centers recognize the Supreme Court Roe v Wade anniversary. Hundreds of volunteers across our nation encourage women to see the life within and offer her resources to help her through the challenges ahead.

The challenges facing women don’t just disappear in an abortion clinic; they are just beginning. I know. I didn’t have an abortion, but I was an accomplice. Twice. My shameful advice led to choices that eventually brought me to that cemetery. I thank God that I’ve been forgiven and set free. My prayer is that others will be set free as well and be the ones to lead others away from a choice that is truly no choice at all.

And for the rest of America, we really need to see what we are doing, because God does.

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