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United Nations Expiration Date

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It’s not a question of whether the United Nations has lost its effectiveness; it’s whether it really had any to begin with.

Having recently celebrated its 71st birthday, the UN has quite a startling record of misfortune. Since its inception in 1945 there have been 150 wars across the globe with over 100 million casualties.

During the 2016 US presidential election, Donald Trump highlighted the need for American allies to participate in the cost of their own defense. Simply put, America is too broke to pay the bills for national defense beyond its own borders. He also indicated that America’s taxpayers are footing too much of the cost for the United Nations.

The U.N.’s $20 billion annual budget covers a broad range of activities, and some have been traced to nefarious ones. Naturally, there is no auditing mechanism in place to account for any of the U.N. expenditures. Is there a better way to negotiate peace and maintain it? While a war weary world created the United Nations, it’s now a far different global climate. Communists openly trade with democratic nations. China owns much of the United States debt.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons, especially in the hands of rogue nations and terrorists already neutralizes any United Nations sanctions that could be imposed. At this point, it’s time to reassess how American dollars are spent to ensure global unity and peace.

One only needs to read the Book of Revelation to understand there is only one Peacemaker, and before He comes back, the world will not be saved by the United Nations, or any other united global entity.

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