Geopolitics and Bible Prophecy
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America's Role in Bible Prophecy and the 2012 Election

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The future of America is on the minds of at least 70% of the American populace today. Most Americans have made up their mind about whom they will be voting for. Yet there is always the percentage of Americans who don’t vote. Perhaps they just aren’t convinced or maybe they don’t care. More than likely, they are currently distracted chasing butterflies through fields of idyllic green pastures while the responsible Americans are hunkering down, analyzing the issues.

Americans will elect the world’s most powerful man tomorrow. The choice American citizens make will profoundly affect the future of our country and the world. Because of America’s economic and geopolitical influence in the world, the president is also the unstated emperor of the globe. His decisions impact the lives of every person on the planet. Our vote is pretty important to say the least.

What does this election have to do with Bible prophecy? Unlike Israel, Egypt, Europe, Iran, and various other nations mentioned in Bible prophecy, the United States is conspicuously absent. Try as they may, Christians have scoured the Bible looking for passages that mention the United States. There are none. This has given Americans pause for concern. Many have concluded that, because we are not mentioned, we are destined for destruction. Is the glass half empty or what?

Babylon will be rebuilt and then destroyed, the antichrist’s realm will be destroyed, Russia will even be destroyed, but nowhere in scripture does it mention that the United States will be destroyed. Because it is not mentioned gives us hope that we aren’t destined for destruction – the glass is half-full!

What is God’s plan for the United States? Are we going to be around for the end-times? Your guess is as good as mine, but here’s my guess for what it’s worth.

In my latest book, “So What Happens Next? Exploring Biblical Prophecies to Make Sense of Today’s Chaos” I argue that God has a role for the United States. Rather than watch us plummet into the ocean, God may continue to use us for His purposes. Israel needs protecting, and so does Europe, but can they do it without the help of the USA?

And why not use us? The United States has been an instrument of God, used to promote democracy, spread the gospel, and protect the nation of Israel. In the past hundred years alone, America saved the world from the Nazis, halted the flow of communism, protected the tiny nation of Israel, and sent Christian missionaries to the ends of the earth.

I believe God will continue to use America to stabilize the globe until He is ready for the end-times to begin. Once the Tribulation begins, who knows what could happen to the United States. Maybe the country experiences a great Tribulation revival and opposes the antichrist, or it could join with the end-times dictator and disappear from the annals of history.

Perhaps God will use the United States to protect the Jews from Satan’s wrath during the Tribulation. There are 5.5 million Jews living in America, almost half the world’s population. During the Millennium, God uses a great many nations to ferry the Jews back to Israel. Perhaps the United States could be one of those blessed nations to survive the Tribulation.

Of this future event Isaiah says,

“Surely the coastlands will wait for Me; And the ships of Tarshish will come first, To bring your sons from afar, Their silver and their gold with them, For the name of the Lord your God, And for the Holy One of Israel because He has glorified you (Isaiah 60:9).

But we have a choice in our nation’s future. There is free will involved in this epic decision. That is what this election boils down to. The current road we are on is moving perilously away from God. We have been given an opportunity to change, or continue down the path of secularism, allowing the consequences to fall where they may.

The Choice

From the rise of atheism and secularism, to the fall of the traditional family unit America has become a drastically different place. Our current president, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but he’s up for re-election.

His positions mirror the growing secularism that has plagued American society today – many positions of which are contrary to Biblical teachings. His views on marriage counter the teachings of Jesus and Paul. From his comments that “America is no longer a Christian nation,” to his support for government-funded abortion the president has repeatedly fallen on the side of secularism.

The Old Testament promise found in Genesis that God will “bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel” seems to fall on deaf ears with this current administration. With calls for Israel to fall back to the pre-1967 borders, and the insulting removal of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State by the democratic national convention, the Obama administration has created a tense relationship with Israel. The inability to curtail Iran’s nuclear program doesn’t help the relationship either.

Politics aside, I am no pastor, just ask Billy Graham about the president’s views and I’m sure he will be glad to elaborate. God doesn’t need the United States, but we need Him. God could choose to raise another defender of Israel, another global stabilizing force until the end-times should He wish it. But if we elect leaders that have a healthy fear and respect for God, seek Him in their decision-making, and protect His ancient people Israel, He could use us once more.

America’s To-Do List if it wants to survive

#1. Get the economy under control

Another aspect of this election is the economy. Regardless of who wins, the country is heading for an economic nosedive in January. Reckless spending has become a hot political topic in this election. One that will have to be resolved if we are to remain a superpower in the world. A benign superpower cannot help anyone if it’s experiencing continual recession.

#2. Restore our Relationship with Israel

As has always been the case, Israel has oodles of enemies. The Great Tribulation will mark the worst persecution of the Jews in history – hard to believe considering the Holocaust. But the least America can do is support them by any means necessary, even if it means upsetting the Muslim world.

#3. Embrace the Superpower Role

President Obama’s plans to reduce the military and therefore our influence overseas is a big mistake. God has put America in this position, the least we can do is act like it. When we downplay our significance, chaos erupts overseas. Attempting to play nicely with our enemies has only created further problems.

Russia has begun a new cold war, the Arab spring has turned on us (the Libyan tragedy most recently), and Iran continues to slave away at their nuclear program. The next president must make global leadership a priority. Ignoring radical Islam, placating the Russians, and allowing the Chinese to scam us is not what America has been called to do.

#4. Bring God back into Government

The founders did not want a theocracy, but they desired to have God-fearing men in power. We have abandoned Godly principles in government. What’s wrong with a prayer here or there? Christians should pray for America’s leaders, but are our leaders even praying for guidance? When was the last time a politician was completely honest with the American people? Is it possible that a God-fearing candidate might tell the truth more often?

We have tried the secular approach in the public school system. As of right now the world’s superpower ranks well below many Asian and European countries on education. Let’s try putting Biblical principles like honesty, hard work, integrity, and prayer back in our schools and see what happens.

America’s Role in Bible Prophecy

America doesn’t have an assigned prophetic role in the future, which presents Americans with a unique opportunity. God can most certainly use the United States for His purposes, or He could easily cast us aside and find another instrument. America is still the reigning superpower today. Could it be that God has continued plans for us? I certainly hope so.

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