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4 Best Places to Raise your Kids in the U.S.

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raising kids in the us

During the course of our life, we move house at certain key stages: when we leave for college, when we get married, when we have kids and especially when kids reach school age. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average American moves 12 times during his lifetime. One of the reasons why Americans move so much is searching for the right place to raise children, the others being related to the job market. Even if different criteria applies depending on the size and budget of the family, we made a short list of the most balanced communities. These places are walkable, they have good schools, low crime rates and many options for children’s activities:

1. Rockville, MD
Rockville is a diverse city with good transportation and healthcare systems and a developing business environment. It has one of the lowest poverty rates from the US and the median household income is nearly double the national average. But what makes it a great choice for parents is its public school system, as five of its high schools were included in America’s Best High Schools. Rockville has an 89% graduation rate and the local school system offers many magnet, charter, and subject-specific programs.

2. Oak Park, IL
Here, children are often seen walking to school and the houses with open front yards allow them to gather in groups and play. Local public schools have good reviews, but you can also opt for parochial and private schools. You can benefit from pre-school and after-school care programs, both public and private. Almost any place from Oak Park has its special activity for children: restaurants have kids-eat-free night, the parks have shaded areas for kids to play and parents to socialize, the main library has child-friendly areas and the park district offers diverse children programs.

3. Hayward, CA
If you live here you will know for sure your kids are a priority. This is one of the 21 Promise Neighborhoods across the United States, which means it is funded by the government to offer education and community support to absolutely every child and youth living here. The public school system uses comprehensive community curriculums, that effectively prepare kids for future careers. It will not be difficult to rent apartments in Hayward, California regardless of the family needs, as most areas are very safe.

4. Newton, MA
This is a major city that feels intimate because of it is made of 13 small villages, each of them having their own centers, with restaurants, cafes and shopping areas. It is an idyllic place to spend your childhood in, having loads of recreational areas. The Hemlock Gorge offers picturesque hiking trails, while Crystal Lake is surrounded by parks and beaches, while also providing swimming areas and a bath house. A lot of summer camps are organized in the area, but winter is also fun with the historic Jackson Homestead. Central Rock climbing gym and the Waterworks Museum. Newton is a 15 minutes drive from Boston, a city with a thriving cultural life and more than a dozen colleges and universities.

Parents struggle to make the best choices for their children and to provide an optimal safe space for their harmonious development. I hope this list helped those who were in doubt or searching for relevant information. And do not forget that no matter what your material possibilities are, your children will grow healthy happy individuals if you surround them with unconditional love and support.

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