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5 Ways Parents Can Ensure Long Car Journeys Don't Turn Into A Disaster

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How much quality time do you get to spend with your kids these days? Maybe it's only when you go to church on Sunday mornings. If your kids are young they'll likely go to bed really early. If they're older they will sit in their room playing video games all night.

It's why you need to make vacation time extra special. Lots of families go on road trips, but they don't make the journey enjoyable and everyone ends up frustrated. We're going to look at a few ways you can prevent that from happening to you.

Let Kids Help Organize Things

Do you think your kids would enjoy themselves more if they played a part in organizing things? You don't need to let them take care of everything, but if they can pick a few places you'll stop on the road trip they'll love it.

This also has an additional advantage you've maybe never thought about before. When your kids feel like they're part of the process they will learn things and grow up a lot quicker. Being forced to do everything mom says isn't always fun.

Plan The Trip Ahead Of Time

Once you've decided when and where you're going to go it's only the beginning. Even though you'll be driving it's not a case of packing your bags a few hours before you leave the house, or at least it shouldn't be.

You can go to the shop to get the kids coloring books to keep them occupied for a few hours. Stock up on their favorite snacks at the supermarket too. Little things like this will make a big difference on a long trip.

Make Sure Everyone Is Relaxed

When you spend hours in a car with multiple people everyone should be relaxed. You might drive a very comfortable Mercedes Benz, but it's not exactly what we're talking about. Nobody should be crossing their fingers hoping for the ride to be over.

One of the best things you can do is play an audiobook because there aren't many people who don't like to listen to a good story. The audiobook you choose will depend on how old your children are.

Flexibility Is Also Important

Countries like Canada and America have a lot of things to see and do, so there is no real way of knowing what you'll come across on the road. The kids might spot something they desperately want to see.

It's okay organizing everything beforehand, but sometimes you need to be flexible. If you need to be at your destination for a certain time it's always possible to leave a bit earlier to account for unplanned stops.

Give People Room To Move

Even if you have a big car like a Toyota RAV4 you need to give people room to move. If you're in the Canadian wilderness get everyone out the car so they can stretch their legs. Being trapped in a car for too long is not a good idea.

It will start to feel a little claustrophobic after a few hours. If your road trip covers a considerable distance you'll need to stop for gas, so make sure your kids walk around for a while even if they're feeling lazy or sleepy.

It's About More Than The Destination

You'll have a wonderful time when you reach your destination, but don't forget the journey is part of the fun too. If you take the tips we've talked about today and use them effectively your road trip will go a lot more smoothly.

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