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George Smith

George Smith is a physician and an advocate of health living.

Posted 5/31/17 at 10:58 AM | George Smith

Want a Closer Relationship with Christ? Be Physically Healthy

healthy body

It’s true that Christ will love you no matter what you look like. You can weigh 125 pounds or 325 pounds, and he’ll still accept you for who you are. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be healthy. There are many ways that a healthier lifestyle can actually bring you closer to your savior.

Our Bodies Were a Gift: Let’s Keep Them Healthy

A fundamental Christian belief is that our bodies and spirits are separate entities. When we die, our spirits will pass on to the other side and our bodies will remain on earth. Some Christians also believe in a resurrection in which their body will eventually join the spirit on the other side.

The body is a gift from God to house our spirits and enjoy our earthly living. We know that, barring illnesses we have no control over, if we treat it correctly and avoid external harm, we can experience general health and wellness. Our limbs and joints will move as we ask them to, we’ll be able to think clearly, and we’ll live a long life. FULL POST

Posted 5/31/17 at 10:53 AM | George Smith

Should Other Countries Get Involved In Disputes Between China and Japan?

japan china island dispute

In the middle of this month, the leaders of Japan and China came together for talks of provocations by North Korea and the future bilateral cooperation. Reaching common ground is more important than ever, as both countries have big stakes in one another.

In fact, China is Japan’s biggest trading partner and accounts for the majority of its foreign visitors. On the other hand, Japan offers a major source of foreign investment for China. These ties have become strained by many issues, most notably a territory dispute over a chain of uninhabited islands. Located in the East China Sea, the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in the China make up eight islands devoid of all inhabitants. While they may seem insignificant, these islands are strategically located near trade routes, fishing grounds and oil and gas reserves. They remain at the center of the dispute that has continued for many years.

Japan claims that the islands were first incorporated into their territory in 1895, after having carefully ascertained that there had been no trace of control over the Senkaku Islands by another state prior to that period. After being renounced and taken under U.S. ownership after WWII, the territory was returned to the Japanese. The Japanese government points out that China did not contest their ownership until the discovery of oil reserves in the area. However, China maintains that the territory has been under their control since ancient times. Overseen by Taiwan, China argues that the islands should have been properly returned to them in the WWII agreement. FULL POST

Posted 5/28/17 at 8:59 AM | George Smith

Is It Acceptable for the Christian Women to Get Breast Implants?

happy woman

The Christian women face many modern issues in today's world. One of the trickiest issues is whether or not cosmetic surgery is appropriate since it alters a body that was created in God's image.

The Bible makes no mention of the morality of popular aesthetic enhancements available today such as cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, fillers, and laser resurfacing. The Catholic church does not hold an official position regarding the issue. This leaves followers of Christ in search of answers that match up with their values. With a lack of specific guidelines, individuals must take psychological, emotional, and social factors into consideration before making a decision regarding cosmetic procedures such as breast implants.

Read on to learn five reasons and situations where breast implants seem to be permissible:

Health Concerns
If a woman suffers damage to her breasts as a result of an accident or loses all or a portion of her breasts to a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be an option. In these cases, implants are not considered enhancements. As stated by the Catholic Education Resource Center, these instances are viewed as a method of correcting a deformity. FULL POST

Posted 5/21/17 at 7:51 AM | George Smith

Guys Need Time With the Boys: Here’s Why

father son bonding

As a married man, there is no relationship more important than the one you share with your wife. However, just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you should shun all of your other relationships. There’s something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by other Christian men.

3 Reasons to Make Room for Guy Time

It doesn’t matter if you're looking at it from a secular perspective or a biblical point of view, men need to be surrounded by other men just as much as women benefit from being in the presence of other women. There’s something intrinsically woven into our DNA that encourages us to connect and bond with members of the same sex. But what exactly are the benefits of having “guy time?”

1. God Designed You to be in Relationship

When most people look at Genesis 2:18 – in which God tells Adam that it isn’t good for him to be alone – they assume that he’s talking about marriage. And while he is including marriage in this statement, the New Testament is also clear in multiple places that marriage isn’t for everyone. FULL POST

Posted 5/21/17 at 7:48 AM | George Smith

2 Ways Homeschooling Will Give Your Kids an Advantage


If you’ve wondered why many parents have chosen to homeschool their kids, you might be surprised to learn there’s more to it than just being able to control the content of the curriculum. Deciding to homeschool can provide you as a parent with the ability to design a more faith-centered curriculum, obviously, but you can also enjoy greater freedom in the ways you may educate your kids.

For example, physical education in the public schools hasn’t changed much in decades. Students get lined up to run laps and try various sports like basketball, football, and track and field.

Everyone typically has to do whatever’s on the agenda for the day, and anyone who doesn’t gets marked down. What if your child doesn’t like to run but loves skateboarding? When you homeschool, your son or daughter’s love for skateboarding can count as physical education.

Homeschooling was the original version of education

Although homeschooling seems foreign to many Americans today, public schools didn’t always exist. Homeschooling was the way kids got their education in the past. FULL POST

Posted 5/18/17 at 2:11 PM | George Smith

Travel Diary: Visiting the God’s Miraculous Creations in New Zealand

new zealand cardboard cathedral

New Zealand is divine. It is one of those must-go destinations for any Christian looking to relax and unwind as they enjoy the beauty that is in God’s magnificent creations. You remember instances you have marveled at nature and seen God’s architecture at play? Well, New Zealand will give you a lot of those moments.

As a first-time New Zealand tourist, I was faced with so many options of where to go and what to do - just look at some of the locations you can visit in New Zealand. I wanted a memorable trip and that is exactly what I got. Out of the many experiences I got from my New Zealand tours, below are some sites I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Lake Taupo

This was one of my favorites. It does not get as spiritual as water; it was there in the beginning after all. Lake Taupo is so large a lake that it becomes impossible to see what lays at the other ends of the shore. According to New Zealand history, it was formed after a volcanic eruption that happened almost 2000 years ago. There are so many things to do around this site. FULL POST

Posted 5/16/17 at 2:18 AM | George Smith

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Combined Internet, TV, and Phone Bundles in Canada

home tv internet bundle

Purchasing a combined internet, TV and telephone subscription is becoming a popular practice among internet users in Canada. This type of internet bundle plan allows users to manage all three services with ease and pay for all of them at once. Here are some of the key benefits that you can enjoy when you subscribe to this kind of three-in-one bundle.

Ease of Use
Combined telecom, internet and TV bundles are more convenient than using three different subscription plans from two or more service providers. If you choose a single company for these three services, you will only have to monitor one bill. You only have to call one company for any issues you may have with the service offered. Using a bundle service means that you will need to schedule one appointment to install all the services and they could be set up on the same day. In many cases, just one router and wireless connection will allow you to watch movies on internet TV, check your mail on your computer and chat with other social media users on your smartphone. FULL POST

Posted 5/13/17 at 6:20 AM | George Smith

Top 10 Family Safe Cars in 2017

safest family cars 2017

Our Lord watches over us and protects us all, but sometimes we have to do more to protect ourselves. God is omnipotent and all-powerful but even a being as so powerful cannot be everywhere at the same time. In order to protect ourselves and our families, we have to do something by ourselves. If our fate is to go to the loving bosom of our Lord before our time on this Earth ends, then so be it. But if we are to extend our stay a bit longer we should look for ways of doing so.

Car safety is a very important part of the automotive industry. Accidents are growing and sometimes unforced human errors are to blame. But luckily, there are ways of diminishing the odds of getting into an accident or even enhance your chances of surviving and protecting yourself if an accident does happen.

That is why all the major car manufacturers do their utmost best to include the best kind of protection inside their vehicles. The features are much more important for a family vehicle. Some people will choose their family car only based on the amenities it has to offer to protect your family. Family safety comes first and a suitable vehicle would mean the world if it is able to protect us and our family well. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 1:08 PM | George Smith

Are Dangerous Toxins Lurking in Your Home?

home toxins

You do all the right things. You try to buy healthy food, clean your house religiously every weekend, and make sure you only buy the safest toys for your children. But what if you aren’t doing enough? Unbeknownst to millions of people, dangerous toxins and chemicals are lurking in some unlikely places.

Chemicals, Toxins, and Germs, Oh My!

You aren’t going to want to hear this, but it’s important to face reality. Your home is likely filled with different chemicals, toxins, and germs. Some homes have more than others, but there are very few that are totally clean.

It all starts with cleaning products. Did you know that there are no federal regulations on the use of chemicals in cleaning products? Ingredients don’t have to meet any sort of safety standard and there’s no requirement to list all ingredients on the label. As a result, the majority of cleaning products found in the aisles of your closest supermarket contain questionable chemicals that are dangerous to your health. FULL POST

Posted 5/11/17 at 1:04 PM | George Smith

7 Frugal Tips to Help You Travel More in 2017

frugal travel tips for 2017

Travel is rewarding in a number of ways; it gives you new perspectives, teaches you new things, helps you meet new people, and gives you a break from your ordinary life. Younger generations, especially, consider travel important for living a full life, citing cultural experiences and local foods as main priorities when traveling. Anecdotally, talk to people you know, and a majority of them will agree that they wish they could travel more often. So why don’t they?

For most people, the biggest drawback—and prohibitive factor for taking trips—is the cost. Day trips to local destinations may not demand much in terms of expenses, but once you factor in flights, hotels, and the cost of eating out, even a basic trip can run hundreds to thousands of dollars. FULL POST

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