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Growing Dissension Concerning Medical Marijuana Among Christians

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A fierce debate is now growing among Christians as to whether medical marijuana should be used as an alternative to traditional medicine. In one corner, some Christians are even using Bible passages to prove their point. Others are categorically against marijuana and still view it as a drug. This is causing growing concerns about the usage of medical marijuana within Christianity, a debate that has even reached its highest office in the Vatican.

This debate is brewing at a time when New York residents are pushing Governor Cuomo to relax the laws on medical marijuana to allow its residents suffering from PTSD to use the drug as a treatment.

New York Veterans are Making a Push for Legalization
Many groups supporting veterans have been asking for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to be added to the list of ailments medical marijuana can be prescribed for. However, it is still unclear whether governor Cuomo will be in favor of the legislation. The State senate recently pronounced itself in favor of the bill, shortly after the house of representatives did the same.

New York’s department of health, which also has the power to change the nature of prescription said that it is currently conducting its research on the issue. As for Governor Cuomo, he still hasn’t pronounced himself on his intentions regarding the bill.

Texas to Follow New York’s Lead
Texas is still one of the few states that prohibits marijuana both for recreational and medical use. However, a bill that would allow medical marijuana in the state is now moving forward, but hasn’t been passed yet. It is still uncertain if it will as the state is still one of the most conservative in the nation.

Devout Christians are Using the Bible to Defend Medical Marijuana Use
A group of Christian pro cannabis activists have decided to take matters into their own hands and are using the Bible to prove their point. Lydia, a non-denominational from Texas is at the head of the group Genesis 1:29, which aims at normalizing the use of medical marijuana among believers. Her movement is gaining traction slowly but surely even amidst ferocious indignation among some hardcore believers.

Lydia Baker uses Genesis 1:29 to prove a point. The verse, which states that all herbs bearing seeds were permitted as food, is being used by many lawmakers in the Bible Belt to change legislators’ minds and decriminalize medical marijuana obtained from feminized seeds.

Marijuana’s God Perfect Medicine According to Baker
Baker believes that cannabis was a gift from God and the perfect medicine. She says that man made the substance illegal and believes Christians should not be hindered in their pursuit of a natural cure. However, she is facing staunch opposition in her state of Texas where conservatism is still very much the norm. She cites that she has been faced with violent condemnations for her beliefs and that many people are still against the idea altogether.

Christian proponents of medical marijuana are still facing opposition, especially in conservative states. Lydia Baker wishes her movement will gain more traction nationwide and will help legitimize medical marijuana among Christians. The debate is still raging and might be difficult to avoid when considering the national push towards full legalization of marijuana. It still remains to be seen if marijuana will one day be accepted as alcohol among Christians though we shouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

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