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Guys Need Time With the Boys: Here’s Why

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As a married man, there is no relationship more important than the one you share with your wife. However, just because you’re married, doesn’t mean you should shun all of your other relationships. There’s something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by other Christian men.

3 Reasons to Make Room for Guy Time

It doesn’t matter if you're looking at it from a secular perspective or a biblical point of view, men need to be surrounded by other men just as much as women benefit from being in the presence of other women. There’s something intrinsically woven into our DNA that encourages us to connect and bond with members of the same sex. But what exactly are the benefits of having “guy time?”

1. God Designed You to be in Relationship

When most people look at Genesis 2:18 – in which God tells Adam that it isn’t good for him to be alone – they assume that he’s talking about marriage. And while he is including marriage in this statement, the New Testament is also clear in multiple places that marriage isn’t for everyone.

So, just as it’s important to have time with a romantic partner, God has designed men to have friendships with other men. You aren’t designed to be alone and men understand men in ways that women can’t. Closing yourself off from other guys is fighting against what God intends for your life.

2. Spending Time With Guys Lowers Stress Levels

According to a study by researchers in Germany, male bonding is much more likely to lower a man’s stress levels than spending a night out with his wife or significant other. That may not be the news wives want to hear – and husbands shouldn’t use it as an excuse to be selfish – but the data clearly suggests that it’s important to spend time with other men.

3. Gives You a Chance to Learn From Others

As a father and husband, there may be times where you feel like all of the pressure is on you. The Bible tells you that you are to be the leader of your home and that you have to look out for your children and your wife. They aren’t helpless or weak, but the Bible has placed men in a role of leadership.

The beauty of spending time with other guys is that you can take a break from this role. Instead of trying to say something wise, discipline your children, or care for your wife’s emotional needs and desires, you can just sit there and listen to what other men say. This is especially valuable if they are older men with more life experience than you. They can provide a lot of lessons on what it looks like to be a strong Christian man in your house.

On a related note, spending regular time with other guys makes it much easier to hold yourself accountable. (It’s a lot harder to hide something when you’re constantly interacting with other people who openly struggle with the same issues.)

Schedule a Guys Weekend

Regular guy time is great, but it’s often hard for married men – fathers especially – to carve out meaningful time with friends in the middle of a busy week. That’s why it’s suggested that you schedule a guys weekend with your friends where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of work, parenting, and taking care of your house for 48 hours.

There are lots of different things you can do. Some guys like to go to the beach or schedule a golfing trip, but there’s something even more empowering about spending time in nature – away from the noise.

If you’re out west, Siskiyou is the perfect destination. It’s located in the very northern portion of California and is a vast expanse of beautiful terrain that’s made for hiking, fishing, caving, kayaking, biking, camping, and recharging.

If hiking is your thing and you live on the east coast, consider gathering a small group of guys and hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail. It can even become an annual tradition where you hike a different section each year.

It doesn’t matter where you are or how limited you are in terms of traveling, there are an infinite number of places for gathering the fellas and spending some time in the great outdoors. These are just two destinations that stick out and come to mind.

Don’t Overlook the Value of Male Bonding

As you can see, there are clearly biblical, scientific, and practical benefits associated with spending time with other guys. While a guys weekend is perfect for “getting away,” there are other options. Something as simple as a weekly dinner or a round of golf on Saturday morning can be equally beneficial. Just make sure you aren’t ignoring the power of male influence in your life.

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