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How Does Yoga Fight Stress And Get You Closer To God?

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We are surrounded by stress every single day as society is moving incredibly fast and it seems like everyone wants something from us. Stress and anxiety end up accumulating and can lead to so many health problems. The salvation for many is now coming from an unexpected place: yoga. Unfortunately, yoga is getting a lot of negative press but that is only because people do not really understand it. Yoga is connected to your individual beliefs, your mind and your body. Here is how it helps those with an open heart.

Let’s Understand Yoga
Yoga is an integrative and complementary health approach that brings together mental and physical disciplines with the main purpose of achieving peacefulness of mind and body. There are many different styles, intensities and forms that are available, with Hatha yoga normally being recommended as the best option for stress management, although many others can be considered. A yoga session is basically made out of the following:

  • Poses – Yoga poses are special movements that are designed to increase your flexibility and strength. They can be as simple as standing on the floor to as complicated as stretching your entire body to huge limits.
  • Breathing – Controlled breathing is really important in yoga and in day-to-day activities. This is what helps the most to make your mind more relaxed.
  • Relaxation and Meditation – Both can be added to yoga routines in order to be much more aware of the current point in time.

Main Yoga Health Benefits
Those that are of high interest for many are:

  • Stress reduction – Various studies highlighted that yoga can reduce anxiety and stress while enhancing mood.
  • Better Fitness Levels – When you practice yoga you improve flexibility, strength, motion range and balance.
  • Chronic Condition Management – You end up having a reduced risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure, among others. Chronic conditions like insomnia, pain and depression can also be improved.

Precautions To Be Aware Of
Yoga is a safe way to exercise your mind and your body but only when you practice under supervision from an instructor that is experienced. While you do not need special yoga clothes and it is accessible for almost anyone, there are some situations in which you need to be extremely careful and the instructor should be aware of the problems you have. This includes blood clot risks, herniated disks, severe balance problems, pregnancy and uncontrolled blood pressure.

Yoga can be practiced when faced with such situations but special precautions are needed.

Start Doing Yoga
Most do not believe the health benefits associated with yoga until they actually start doing it. We can say that it is highly important to go to class with instructors that are highly experienced. The person that will guide you through the routines will have a huge impact on how good your entire yoga practice becomes. Be sure that you talk with the instructor and that you tell him what your goals are. They can be spiritual or physical but the instructor should know them.

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