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Is It Acceptable for the Christian Women to Get Breast Implants?

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The Christian women face many modern issues in today's world. One of the trickiest issues is whether or not cosmetic surgery is appropriate since it alters a body that was created in God's image.

The Bible makes no mention of the morality of popular aesthetic enhancements available today such as cosmetic surgery, Botox injections, fillers, and laser resurfacing. The Catholic church does not hold an official position regarding the issue. This leaves followers of Christ in search of answers that match up with their values. With a lack of specific guidelines, individuals must take psychological, emotional, and social factors into consideration before making a decision regarding cosmetic procedures such as breast implants.

Read on to learn five reasons and situations where breast implants seem to be permissible:

Health Concerns
If a woman suffers damage to her breasts as a result of an accident or loses all or a portion of her breasts to a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can be an option. In these cases, implants are not considered enhancements. As stated by the Catholic Education Resource Center, these instances are viewed as a method of correcting a deformity.

Therapeutic Benefits believes that it is acceptable to undergo plastic surgery if it provides "therapeutic benefit". Examples of these benefits include psychological or physical (i.e. after an accident). The site states that it is not considered "intrinsically immoral" if it does not cause damage to healthy tissues.

Exercising Our Free Will
Marcus Peterson, who works as a surgeon at The Center For Advanced Plastic Surgery, believes that God created us with a strong desire to be satisfied and happy. Plastic surgery can be a means of accomplishing this in some cases.

On his message board, Peterson wrote about how God created us and understands that we are far from perfect. Peterson also believes that God truly loves us and desires happy, productive lives for us. He purposely created us with free will. This means, according to Peterson, that if there are certain actions that will improve our happiness and our ability to interact positively with others and create a positive impact on the world, these actions would not be discouraging to our Creator.

If Implants Are Part of God's Will for You
Trevor Lund, the self-titled "Director of Awesomeness" that serves as the pastor for Harvest Community Church and head of, responded to an email that questioned whether or not breast implants could be part of God's will.

In reply, Lund explains that God gives us a great deal of freedom in our lives. Implants can be both against God's will for us or a meaningful part of it. A woman needs to ask God for advice and guidance to understand if implants are a part of God's will for her.

Almost all of us have heard the popular quote, "beauty comes from within", but many women have a hard time sensing their inner beauty without being noticed and appreciated to begin with. This can lead some women to seek out plastic surgery, as discovered by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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