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Top 10 Family Safe Cars in 2017

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safest family cars 2017

Our Lord watches over us and protects us all, but sometimes we have to do more to protect ourselves. God is omnipotent and all-powerful but even a being as so powerful cannot be everywhere at the same time. In order to protect ourselves and our families, we have to do something by ourselves. If our fate is to go to the loving bosom of our Lord before our time on this Earth ends, then so be it. But if we are to extend our stay a bit longer we should look for ways of doing so.

Car safety is a very important part of the automotive industry. Accidents are growing and sometimes unforced human errors are to blame. But luckily, there are ways of diminishing the odds of getting into an accident or even enhance your chances of surviving and protecting yourself if an accident does happen.

That is why all the major car manufacturers do their utmost best to include the best kind of protection inside their vehicles. The features are much more important for a family vehicle. Some people will choose their family car only based on the amenities it has to offer to protect your family. Family safety comes first and a suitable vehicle would mean the world if it is able to protect us and our family well.

For the purpose of this article, we have compiled a list of 10 family friendly and safe vehicles which have been voted as having high safety standard by the IIHS or other agencies that do the crash testing and manage safety. Your family is your most important asset and not your car, so keep that in mind when buying your next vehicle.

Midsize Models
Midsize cars are usually roomy enough to carry a small family or appoint four to five passengers at the same time. But another great advantage of these models is that they do not come with a large price tag as well and can be really affordable. What is important for these types of vehicles is the optional front crash prevention and in order to compile our group of candidates, we have looked for vehicles which have been rated with a Top Safety Pick Plus score with the given crash test done by the IIHS agency.

Honda Accord
The Honda Accord has always been seen as an extremely safe car and as one suitable for family needs. One of its biggest advantages is certainly the spacing and the comfort levels it is able to provide for its passengers. If you are going to go on a trip with your family we suggest using this one to do so. The newest version of the Honda Accord sedan is perhaps their safest model to date.

It employs Honda’s newest Sensing Package which comes with such features as lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. It also adds split-folding options so you can make it very easy for the passengers and enable various modifications when it comes to driving.

Kia Optima
Perhaps the most important part of the Kia Optima model is its roominess. The Optima actually manages to boast with class leading comforts and provides lots of space. This is highly important for a midsize model and you would actually feel like you are in a much larger vehicle when you are riding in an Optima.

Passengers in the rear should be more than relaxed and comfortable. When it comes to safety it offers Kia’s lower anchors and tethers for children which can be installed in the back seats and used for your kids. Additionally, the car also provides seven airbags which are standard and other sorts of equipment like a hill assist option and a backup camera as well.

Hyundai Sonata
The Hyundai Sonata model actually offers a lot when it comes to safety. It is one of the more luxurious models on the market as it is equipped with standout comfort-enhancing options and does come with a lot of interior roominess. But when it comes to safety it is packed with some pieces of equipment which other models do not possess.

For instance, the front passenger classification system is something which enables a regulated way the airbags are deployed. Optional systems include blind spot detection and various other sorts of packages which are offered with this one.

Honda Civic
The second Honda vehicle on our list is the Honda Civic model. This just shows us how much Honda takes safety seriously. Much similarity as the Accord the Civic model comes with an optional Honda Sensing package, but also some other safety features which include brake assist and also a multi-angle rearview camera.

The Civic is also one of the most sold models which came from Honda and it truly deserves a spot on any safety list. What makes this car a great family vehicle is that it is a budget model as well. It does not consume a lot of fuel as its EPA stats measure to 31 mpg city and 42 mpg highway. You will not be able to find a better car for your family than this one as it offers safety and low consumption and maintenance as well.

Compact SUVs
A compact SUV is a perfect choice if you need that little bit of interior space. It also manages to offer more versatility than a sedan but at the same time is capable of gaining better fuel efficiency rates. This is just one of the reasons why SUVs are becoming a go-to choice for many families but it also has to do with safety as more and more compact SUVs are, for that reason, adding more new equipment and are following safety regulations.

Subaru Outback
The Subaru Outback model is perhaps the most versatile model on the list. It offers a perfect combination and a balance like not so many cars in the segment are capable of doing. It employs the maneuverability and the road manners of a sedan but at the same time, it is capable of offering the main characteristics of an SUV.

What sets this model apart from all the others is its AWD system which provides additional security and also thanks to a ground clearance of almost 9 inches, it can help with driving in almost any kind of conditions found on the roads.

Honda CR-V
Yet another Honda on the list and this time we are talking about the Honda CR-V model. This vehicle has been voted for the third time in a row as the best family car on the market. This is enough to state how seriously they are considering everything about the car and how far they are seeing to that they incorporate all the details.

This crossover is one of the more spacious models on the market and thanks to its enormous back seat area we can fit in two child safety seats there. The car already has a lot of cargo space but if you wish some additional ones you can simply fold down the second row and gain 70 cubic feet of cargo room more. Some standard safety equipment includes stability and traction control and a backup camera as well.

Midsize SUVs
The midsize SUV segment is a very useful one. The models found here offer an expanded range of equipment which comes with them and also displays more space than the previously mentioned models. This makes them versatile as along with the interior roominess they come with added cargo space.

Honda Pilot
You are probably already used to seeing Honda cars here but the Honda Pilot takes its rightful place among the top midsize SUV vehicles. It provides every perk and advantage of a minivan without actually being a minivan. It is roomy and comfortable on the inside and it is quite capable of accommodating eight passengers at the same time. Cargo is also one of the advantages that this model provides a large cargo bay without moving or sacrificing the seat areas. As far as safety goes, it has all the standard parts any Honda model has and adds Lane Departure Warning system which helps your drive to be effortless.

Toyota Highlander
We also have a spot on our list for a Toyota, namely the Toyota Highlander. This vehicle has been out there forever and it only shows how great of a setup they are actually capable of offering and what are the actual capabilities of this vehicle. In fact, one of the best features for this model is the onboard entertainment equipment that the car comes with.

It is very important for a family car to have something to keep the little ones entertained and this car will deliver on that with ease. It also depends on the kind of a package that you select as there are many offered with this one. The right choice will earn you a Blind Spot Monitoring and rear parking assist, which is very much favorable to have in a right sort of a situation.

A good minivan will help you in all sorts of situation. Maybe there are not many people who have really big families but in the case that you are planning to bring your extended family members a minivan is a good choice. Nevertheless, minivans are perfect people haulers and here are the safest ones in the segment.

Honda Odyssey
Let’s start off with a Honda, or rather the Honda Odyssey car. There are many things that make this car great and it is no wonder why it has been voted as the best car in the segment for the year 2016. The very responsive driving and steering control is what makes this vehicle an exceptional model. The spaciousness is also its strong side with the second row of seats being capable of adding three child seats.

There is enough legroom and headroom for all the passengers to enjoy. Another advantage is that this car has great value for money, it is generally not expensive for the segment nor does it consume a lot of fuel when it comes to economy. You may assure yourself that your trip is a secure one when you know that the model adds extensive airbag deployment system and rollover sensors to the mix.

Kia Sedona
Although the Kia Sedona is smaller than the aforementioned minivan, it still offers enough room for eight passengers to enjoy. The part which graces this model the most is the array of gadgetry it is equipped with. USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, a navigation system are all standard, while the safety is addressed with both collision mitigation and lane guidance. Maybe the Sedona is still considered as a young addition to the minivan segment, it is still a good model for anyone to purchase.

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